New Fitness App from
ProActive Pilates

I’m excited to reveal a genuine life-changing development: my latest creation, The ProActive Pilates App. The unveiling of this new fitness app is just around the corner, and I’m eager to share all the details with you.

Proactive, personal, pain free

I’ve designed the ProActive Pilates App for those of you who are tired of being in pain, or too busy to establish an exercise routine. It will help you to activate your core and reduce back pain, move and feel better, and relieve your stress—all from one place and right at your fingertips.

Take a look at these up and coming free features that will be available once the new fitness plan app is ready to download.


Simple Core Exercises

Easy to use core activation exercises that you can apply to your life daily or when needed.

Brain and Pain Science

Get the latest information about your brain and pain and conquer your fear of future re-injury.

Lots of videos.

View core activation exercises in full motion as shown by an expert in movement.

Want even more out of the app?

If you’re ready to take the next step to move and feel better, then these premium features are for you:


Buy and receive even more videos for core activation, to return to your activities of daily living pain free!


Connect and engage with other like minded members of the ProActive community.


Get greater access to new and exclusive content for Fascial Release techniques and stress reduction work.

Ativo 10

Why Download this App for Core Exercises?

Get Notified of the ProActive Pilates App Launch

The ProActive Pilates app will be available for both iOs and Android. Join the wait list to be notified when it’s live.