Core Rehab

Core Rehab

At the centre of the complicated system that is the human body lies one of the most crucial areas: the aptly named core. When we think of our core, images of washboard abs and toned stomachs often come to mind. However, many aren’t aware that your core makes up so much more of your body and is intricately connected to the rest of it. That’s why core fitness (and in the case of injuries, core rehabilitation or core physiotherapy) is one of the best ways to increase your strength and power, decrease your chance of injury or reinjury and improve mobility across the board.

The significance of core strength goes far beyond cosmetics. This muscle group is almost solely responsible for supporting two other important parts of your body: your spine and your pelvis. Without these three parts working in harmony, we wouldn’t be able to tie our shoes, stand up straight, or even get out of bed.

How can core rehab help me?

People turn to core strengthening and rehab programs to address a huge variety of problems and conditions. Thanks to the interconnectedness of this particular area, many observable symptoms can be traced back to a root issue in the core. Some of the most common issues that are treated with core rehab are:

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As you can see, there’s no shortage of applications for core rehab and physio. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, you’ve likely been overwhelmed with the amount of treatment options on the market. With so many possibilities, why choose core rehab and why do it at ProActive Pilates?

In my more than twenty years of experience as a physiotherapist, Stretch Therapy instructor, national-level athlete, and Pilates instructor, I’ve come to appreciate how incredibly intertwined the core is with the rest of the body. I’ve had the privilege of helping countless people not only get to the bottom of what’s causing their symptoms, but working to overcome them.

When my clients take back control of their physical strength, I get to watch them access a completely new outlook and way of life. The moment when you’re free of chronic pain, and your body is able to simply and easily do everything you want it to, is one of the most incredible senses of freedom there is.

When you work with me as your physiotherapist and core rehab specialist, I always begin with an initial assessment. I take the time to do this with every client so I can understand the issues that brought you here, your medical history, and your strength and rehab goals for the future. Once we’ve determined the source of your issues, we can work together to develop a treatment plan that’s customized to your needs, abilities and goals. From there, we get to work on our chosen program, making adjustments where necessary to accommodate you at all times.

Note that a physiotherapy receipt is given at each of my treatments, which may be reimbursed by your extended benefit plan. Please double-check with your specific benefit plan to determine your eligibility.

If you’re ready to move past pain, weakness, and limited mobility, I can help, whether you’re a recent mother, an injured athlete, or just someone looking to get back to their regular physical life.

To learn more about core physiotherapy and rehabilitation, contact me. Or if you’re ready to book an initial assessment, click the button below to get started.