Telehealth Treatments

Telehealth Treatments

If you are reading this, then congratulations—you have taken the first step, which reflects your desire to live pain free. Due to COVID-19 protocol, the need for telehealth (online physiotherapy video calls) is crucial to offer at this time. After the initial assessment, we decide your physiotherapy treatment plan and then work together privately through tele-rehabilitation appointments. These can be booked online. Your sessions can easily be switched to in-person as needed.

Tele-rehab sessions include at-home exercises such as Stretch Therapy and Core Rehab, as well as any of the other services depending on your specific recovery needs: Fascial Release, Clinical Pilates, and Pelvic Floor Therapy. Homework exercises and/or follow-up requirements will also be discussed during your initial assessment.

*Physiotherapy receipts are provided. Please check with your extended benefit plan for specific coverage details and eligibility for reimbursement.

Benefits of Telehealth Treatments

Targeted one-on-one instruction from Dana right from the comfort of your home.

Ability to still have an appointment, even if you don’t pass the screening form.

Greater flexibility and ease with scheduling an appointment.


Tracy, Nurse
“Dana’s treatments have changed my life – feeling strong and stable is priceless. I can play with my kids without worrying about pain later on and ride my bike on whatever adventure I wish to go on.”
Stacey, Occupational Therapist
“My posture, strength and endurance have improved, I am so grateful to Dana for helping me to restore pelvic muscle control again and for developing my fitness to keep pace with a busy life with 3 kids.”
Astrid, Exercise Physiologist
“Dana’s understanding of movement, her constant quest for knowledge, and her ability to think through a problem makes her a one-of-a-kind physiotherapist!”

Cost of Telehealth Treatments

$160 for 60-minute sessions

$135 for 45-minute sessions

$90 for 30-minute sessions

As of Jan. 1, 2023:

$170 for 60 mins. Initial Assessment

$168 for 60 mins. Treatments

$143 for 45 mins. Treatments

$95 for 30 mins. Treatments

$68 for 20 mins. Treatments

An initial assessment must take place prior to your telehealth treatments. If you’re ready, take that first step to living pain free.