6 Things to Expect from Clinical Pilates

6 Things to Expect from Clinical Pilates | ProActive Pilates

Has your life been impacted by physical issues like a long-term injury, chronic pain, stiffness, or lack of mobility? Are you finding yourself missing out on exciting opportunities because of physical limitations? 

If you’re struggling with a physical condition, it can feel like you’re never truly at ease. Pain and limited mobility are constant, and over time, they can wear us down when left unaddressed. But what if there was a solution, something that strengthened you, healed your body, built up your resistance and strength, and protected you against further health issues? 

I have great news—there is a solution! It’s called Clinical Pilates.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is, as the name implies, a medically adapted version of Pilates, which is a form of exercise rehabilitation that focuses on the holistic wellness of the entire body. Every exercise in Pilates works on six elements of the body simultaneously: the breath, the head/neck position, the shoulder blade position, the rib cage position, the pelvis position, and activation of the core.

People work with me as a Clinical Pilates practitioner for help with countless physical issues. Some of the most common problems I’ve been able to help people with are:

  • Neck/back pain
  • Athletic injuries
  • Joint inflammation/arthritis
  • Pain, weakness, lack of stability
  • Pelvic floor weakness or tightness in pre and post-natal women
  • Joint stiffness/hypermobility
  • Muscle strains and sprains

Clinical Pilates has amazing benefits when done right, and it could be exactly what you need to get started on the road to long-term, meaningful recovery. 

So what is it like doing this treatment for the first time? Here are the top six things to expect from Clinical Pilates and your first few sessions.
So what is it like doing this treatment for the first time? Here are the top six things to expect from Clinical Pilates and your first few sessions.

1. A thorough assessment

At ProActive Pilates, nothing can begin until we’ve completed an assessment. Every single person is different, not only in the physical build of their bodies, but also in their lifestyle, personality, goals, needs, and more. An assessment is the perfect time for me to get to know more about you, and ensure that we’re deciding on the best course of action together. 

Clinical Pilates is a particularly customized process because not every person’s body is able to do the same things. In addition to an interview where I get to know you, the assessment also includes a physical portion, where I gently test your body’s abilities and limitations. All of this is vital information for the next step: a treatment plan, tailor made just for you.

2. A customized plan

This plan acts as the roadmap for your recovery. Using what I’ve learned from the assessment, I can pinpoint your most urgent and impactful issues, prioritizing them in treatment in order to get you true relief as quickly as possible. I’ll also include a list of treatments, exercises, and regimens that will be most beneficial for your recovery.

Although my experience helps me make the best suggestions for your treatment, I always treat this plan as a conversation, not a prescription. I’m always happy to adapt and further adjust your treatment program to suit your needs and ensure you’re getting well on your own terms.

3. Adaptable exercises

Like in the treatment plan as a whole, being adaptable with your Pilates exercises on a day-to-day level is very important to me. Your abilities and limits might change from one day to the next, which is why I never push clients to do things they’re not comfortable with. 

No matter what kind of exercise we’re working on, I take my time, ensuring you fully understand it and are comfortable at all times, while still pushing your limits and ensuring we’re making forward progress. This is a vital line for all physiotherapists and Pilates practitioners to balance, and I pride myself on my ability to do it.

4. Effective lifestyle changes

The results of Pilates can be transformative, but they take some work to achieve. Recovery time doesn’t end with the session—it carries on when you’re in the rest of your life as well. However, if you stick with it for just a few sessions, you’ll begin to notice the incredible difference this treatment can make. You can also always count on me to support and advise your recovery journey as you incorporate these changes throughout your life.

5. Accountability

I take a unique approach to Clinical Pilates because I believe in its power to transform people’s lives. When we’re free of the burdens of pain and limited mobility, it lifts weight off our mental health as well. I do what I do because I love having the chance to help on this amazing journey. So you can count on me to support your accountability and discipline as you work towards your goals.

6. Long-lasting wellness

The end result of all your hard work with Clinical Pilates is truly holistic wellness that you may not have felt in a long time. I’ve seen firsthand how people can transform their outlook and their life through this powerful physiotherapy. It’s also not uncommon for people to have emotional breakthroughs in the process, overwhelmed by the catharsis and joy of finally feeling physically at ease. 

If you have more questions about what to expect from Clinical Pilates, its benefits, or to book your initial appointment, I’m here to help! Feel free to reach out, and we’ll get started today.

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