How Core Rehab Can Help You Take Back Your Life

How Core Rehab Can Help You Take Back Your Life | ProActive Pilates

As you probably know, our bodies are complex machines with countless parts and systems all working in tandem. Whether it’s our skeletal system providing structure to the body, or our muscles pushing and pulling and allowing us to move, we rely on our bodies to act like a perfectly functional machine.

It stands to reason then that like any machine, there is a vital part at its center that everything else is built around. In the human body, that vital center is known as the core. And like any machine, maintenance is needed, and that certain kind of maintenance for the human body is called core rehab. 

In order to fully understand this rehabilitation and how it can truly help you, it’s worth going over the basics.

What is the core?

While you might think of your core as just your abdominal muscles, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Your core is made up of several muscle groups, all of which have the same purpose: to hold and stabilize your spine and pelvis.

Your spine acts as the vertical support for your body, while your pelvis is the horizontal support on which everything above and below connect to. Without your core muscles, these two supports wouldn’t be able to function properly.

The muscles in the core, along with the skeletal structures they support, are responsible for many of the basic physical motions we depend on, including standing up straight, bending over, walking, and more. 

How a weak core affects your life

Unlike other muscle groups, which can be weaker without affecting your life too much, the core is absolutely vital to keep in good shape. If your arms aren’t as strong, your day-to-day life will be mainly the same—you just might not be able to lift heavy things as easily. On the other hand, a weak core can cause a myriad of serious physical troubles, including:

  • Poor posture while sitting or standing
  • Higher chance of injuries (especially in the back and hips)
  • Poor athletic performance

A weak core can also lead to ongoing, chronic issues in the back, pelvis, and hips, which can easily compound over time and lead to more severe issues down the road. 

So what’s the solution? How can you strengthen your core, return to your usual activities, and take back your life? Thankfully, there’s a great solution that I mentioned before: core rehab.

What is core rehab?

Core rehab is a combined treatment that uses both physiotherapy and exercise to achieve a stronger, healthier core. Over time, you’ll learn to become aware of the core muscles you use for everyday tasks, and you’ll naturally become more mindful of which muscles you engage, and how you use them. 

There are so many ways this treatment can help patients, so let me take you through a few of the best ways that core rehab can help you take back your life, today.

1. Feel more confident when you move

When you’re feeling physically limited or you’re in pain, it can take a serious toll on your life—not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Have you ever had to think twice about bending over to talk to your kids? Ever consciously decided not to laugh because of pain in your back or core? 

Core rehab has the power to transform your life. Not only will it help to stop the pain in your body, but also it can help you feel and act more confident and energetic as well. Because these problems tend to come on so gradually, it’s easy to not really realize the impacts they have on our lives. However, after just a few sessions of core rehab, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and easier everything feels, and the amazing effect it can have on your outlook in the process.

2. Get stronger every day

Few things are more satisfying than putting in the work to get stronger, and slowly seeing those results come to fruition. No matter who you are, there are likely a number of repetitive motions you do throughout the day. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your feet all day at work or sitting at a desk. The strength that comes with core rehab can do amazing things for you. Whether it’s heavy lifting or simply taking the groceries into the house, you’ll feel the strength building within just a handful of core rehab sessions, and you’ll notice how much easier it can make your life!

3. Say “yes” again

Have you found yourself being forced to say “no” more often? Whether it’s a group hike or a game of tennis or pickleball with friends, being able to get out there and enjoy physical activities with the people we’re close with, can be invaluable for our mental and physical health. However, if you’re experiencing the painful and challenging effects of a weakened core, it can feel so much harder to say yes. 

As your core gets stronger, you’ll feel more comfortable getting out there and doing things like hiking, biking, gardening, and more. This forms an amazing compounding effect of more strength leading to more comfort, which leads to more strength, and so on!             

4. Look your best (and feel it too!)

Your posture is one important thing that can be hugely impacted by your core—for better or for worse. With core rehab, you’ll soon start to notice you’re standing taller. This will make you feel and appear more confident, and you’ll sidestep the many problems associated with poor posture. These issues include reduced lung capacity, problems and pain in your back and neck, and more. 

Core rehab is an outstanding way to start looking your best, and pretty soon you’ll be feeling great, or perhaps better than you ever have before!

If you’ve been feeling like life is out of your hands lately as a result of pain, immobility, and other health problems related to a weakened core, this treatment is for you. Over my years of experience practicing core rehab, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see its powers of transformation firsthand, and had the chance to help so many take back their lives.

Ready to get started? I’m here to help. Get in touch today!

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